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John Summers
Chairman ATV/Cart Committee


​GENERAL Guidelines

  1. Lake Forest Trails are for Lake Forest Owners and their families ONLY. There will be No Trespassing.

  2. All owners are to have any Golf carts, ATV’s, and motorcycles submitted to Lake Forest for annual stickers. Proof of insurance will be required. A lien waiver will be required to be signed. There will be No exceptions!

  3. All off road equipment will have a safety flag attached displaying a visible flag at least 7 foot high. No exceptions.

  4. The two ATV/Cart trails will have hours of operation of 9AM to 6PM. This rule is for noise. Walking the trails will be from dusk to dawn.

  5. The two trails will have a posted speed limit of no more than 10 mph.  Our road speed limit is 25 mph. Let safety be your guide. ATV’S WITH NO HEAD LIGHTS OR TAIL LIGHTS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON ANY LAKE FOREST ROADS AFTER DARK!

  6. No ATVs are permitted on the ball fields.

  7. Any violations of Lake Forest Rules and safety concerns will be handled in a progressive discipline manner, as with any other Lake Forest benefit.  Let someone know if you see dangerous behavior.  Or better yet, call the Sheriff.

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