Resident Services

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Lake Forest Community Association Dropbox

This box is located in the Lake Forest post office underneath the bulletin board.    There is a metal slot in the top that goes into a locked box.  If you have items that need to given to the Lake Forest office, such as assessment payments, rental forms for the community center, or sticker forms with payment, you can utilize this dropbox.  DO NOT USE THE LAKE FOREST DROPBOX FOR OUTGOING USPS MAIL OR FOR RETURNED CABINET KEYS.

Utility Pole

Electric Service

Electric service is provided by Citizens Electric.  Please contact Citizens Electric for service inquiries.


Text Notifications for Community Notices

Sign up for text notifications for community notices. This service is used to pass along important, relevant information such as main breaks, no burn orders, board meeting reminders, etc.  This is a one-way communication from the Board or Community Manager and does not allow recipients of messages to respond or post messages to others, nor will your phone number be available to others.  To sign up, send a text message to 81010 with the following message: @skilfe

Green Ethernet Cable

Internet Service Providers

​Internet Service can be obtained through several providers.  It is advised to research the services and prices of the following providers to determine which meets your individual needs.


Propane Service

Several Propane companies service Lake Forest.  

Summer Sip

Sewer and Water

​Sewer and water service are provided by Lake Forest and are included as part of the annual assessment. 



Television services can be obtained through the following:

Residential Garbage

Trash & Recycling

Trash and Recycling service is provided by Republic Services.  The rate, although contracted for residents of Lake Forest, is the responsibility of the home owner.  The contract allows one trash pickup every Friday of up to two 90 gallon containers, and one bi-weekly Tuesday pickup of recyclable materials.  The 2021 schedule can be found here.  The rates from September 2020 - August 2021 are $66/qtr, with a discounted rate of $60.38 for seniors age 65+.  Please contact Republic Services for delivery of trash cans or bill discrepancies @ (800) 844-3151.

For non full-time residents, there are dumpsters located near the community center to be used for your trash.  

Note:   All trash containers must be kept inside except for trash pick-up days.

Delivery Guy


Outgoing Mail :  There is an outgoing mail slot in the post office which is picked up Monday - Saturday.


Incoming Mail:  Mail from the US Postal Service is delivered to the Lake Forest post office Monday through Saturday.   The prior owner of your house should leave the key and box number to your Lake Forest mailbox.  You will need to file a normal change of address with the post office to start receiving your mail in the Lake Forest post office.   Please contact the Sainte Genevieve location of the U.S. post office at 135 Merchant St., Sainte Genevieve, MO 63670 if the prior resident does not leave you the key or number to your box.  The Lake Forest office is not able to put anything in these mailboxes or remove anything.  They are the property of the United States Postal Service.

For larger deliveries that come through the USPS that will not fit in your mailbox, there are numbered lockable cabinets in the Lake Forest post office.  If you receive such a delivery, the mailman (lady in this case) will put a numbered key inside your regular mailbox.  Use that key to retrieve your package from one of the lockable cabinets.  Leave the cabinet unlocked and drop the key in the outgoing USPS mail slot on the wall, so the mailman will be able to retrieve the key for use by another delivery.  DO NOT PUT KEYS IN THE LAKE FOREST DROPBOX.

UPS and FEDEX deliveries will be made to your residence.